Pengertian dan Contoh THesaurus

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Berasal dari bahasa Yunani yaitu “ Thesauros yang artinya kekayaan, harta ataupun gudang tempat menyimpan harta benda atau kekayaan”. (Sri Rohyanti Z.: 2002: 1) Menurut Hornby dikutip Sri Rohyanti Z. (2002: 1) : Thesaurus adalah kamus kata-kata dan ungkapan yang dikumpulkan menurut kesamaan artinya dan sinonimnya. Dalam dunia perpustakaan, dokumntasi dan informasi, thesaurus dapat diartikan menurut fungsi dan strukturnya. berikut adalah contoh dari thesaurus :

Add           : put in, insert, adjoin, append, affix, attach, include.
Back         : rear, reverse, flipside, backside, sponsor, support, finance.
Speak        : talk, converse, chat, verbalize, articulate, have a word, address.
Talk          : converse chat gossip speak chatter natter utter have a discussion.
Walk         : saunter stroll amble march stride pace hike toddle.
Start          : create, found, begin, establish, set up, initiate, institute, launch.
Forward   : onward, ahead, frontward, to the fore, advance, promote, further.
Back         : rear, reverse, flipside, backside, sponsor, support, finance.
Menu        : bill of fare, carte du jour, list of options, set of choices.
Home        : house, residence, dwelling, abode, habitat, quarters, domicile, address.
Exit           : way out, door, outlet, egress, go out, depart, leave.
Messages  : mail, post, letters, communication, e-mail.
Call           : name, describe, identify, entitle, label, term, dub, christen.
All             : every one, each and every one, every, every one of, every single one, every part of, the entire.
Choose      :  decide, want, prefer, desire, wish, opt, select ,pick.
View         : sight, vision, outlook, observation, examination, scrutiny, analysis, inspection.
Visit          : call, appointment, stay, stopover, holiday, vacation, break, trip.
Miss          : fail to spot, overlook, let pass, fail to notice, fail to see, neglect, ignore.
Face          : countenance, features, mug, visage, facade, expression, look, appearance.
Cancel      : call off, stop, abandon, withdraw, annul, revoke, terminate, rescind.
Sad            : depressing, gloomy, miserable, cheerless, heartbreaking, distressing,
   heartrending poignant.
Power       : authority, control, influence, supremacy, rule, command, clout, clout, muscle.
Drink        : swallow, imbibe, down, sip, gulp, slurp, swig, knock back.
Hang         : suspend, dangle, droop, fall, drape, be suspended, be suspended, hang up, sling.
Insert        : Supplement, put in, place in, pop in, slot in, interleave, introduce, add, include.
True          : factual, accurate, right, spot on, correct, proper, exact.
Send          : post, mail, transmit, transmit, forward, convey, remit, send off.
Warning   : caution, caveat, word of warning, advice, counsel, forewarning, admonition, notice,
Space        : room, breathing space, freedom, liberty, legroom, gap, break, hole,
Language : verbal communication, words, speech, talking, idiom, lingo, foreign language.
Replace     : put back, restore, return, reinstate, substitute, swap, trade, change,
Sound       : noise, resonance, hum, echo, thud, reverberation, crash, jingle,
Service      : repair, overhaul, check, examine, tune, tune-up, once-over,
Pause        : silence, gap, break in proceedings, hiatus, awkward moment, break, suspension,
World       : earth, planet, globe, humankind, humanity, the human race,
Task          : job, chore, duty, mission, commission, assignment, charge, undertaking,
Shift          : move, budge, transfer, change, alter, swing, reallocate,
Break        : smash, fracture, rupture, shatter, split, crack, sever,
Hurry       : rush, hasten, run, dash, scurry, speed, urgency, speed up,
Save                      : put aside, put away, keep, hoard, set aside, bank, salt away, accumulate,
 Other       : additional, extra, supplementary, added, further, new,
Service      : repair, overhaul, check, examine, tune, tune-up, once-over,
Entertain  : amuse, divert, keep amused, have guests, think about,
Sow           : Spread, Propagate, Disseminate, Scatter, Strew, Fling, Seed, Plant
Wind         : Breeze, Airstream, Gale, Squall, Gust, Current of air, Storm, Blustery weather
Rebel        : Dissident, Rebellious, Dissenting, Unorthodox, Nonconforming, Nonconformist, Insurgent
Spring       : Coil, Mechanism, Spiral, Helix, Mainspring, Hairspring, Springtime, Springtide
Travel       : Portable, Lightweight, Foldaway, Collapsible, Transportable, Mobile, Tourism, Vacation industry
Home        : Home-based, Household, Home-grown, Family, Homespun, Homemade, Home-made, Home-produced
Replace     : Substitute, Swap, Trade, Change, Exchange, Switch, Interchange, Supplant
Style          : Chic, Panache, Elegance, Stylishness, Bravura, Flair, Grace, Smartness
Page          : Sheet, Side, Leaf, Folio, Piece of paper, Sheet of paper, Summon, Contact
Career      : Vocation, Job, Occupation, Profession, Calling, Livelihood, Business, Line of business
Board       : Panel, Sheet, Boarding, Food, Meal, Sustenance, Nourishment, Refreshment
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